• Removing Your Decal | How To

    How ToRemove Your Decal Removing a decal is simple.Whether you are getting a new vehicle or just ready for a change - your adhesive vinyl decal ...
  • Applying Your New Decal | How To

    Here is a quick video to walk you through the steps of applying your new decal.  

    All the tools needed to apply your decal that are shown in this video are included with every decal purchased on my website.  Printed instructions are also included as well to make applying your new decal as simple and quick as possible!

  • Now on TikTok!

    Exciting news!
    (For me at least 😆)

    After procrastinating for well over a year, recording endless “behind the scene” videos, and making lists of ideas of videos to create - I’ve finally posted my first TikTok!

  • Mrs Tollett Designs Story | About Me

    Hi, all!  
    I'm Nicole, the face (& owner) behind Mrs Tollett Designs!  
    Mrs Tollett Designs was established in 2015 after 3 years of working with vinyl as a hobby.  I began my Etsy Store in 2015 selling my originally designed car decals and proud to say I have since sold over 10,000 Car Decals 
    with decals in each state of the United States and over 15 additional countries!