Now on TikTok!

Now on TikTok!

Exciting news!
(For me at least 😆)

After procrastinating for well over a year, recording endless “behind the scene” videos, and making lists of ideas of videos to create - I’ve finally posted my first TikTok!

I’ll admit - social media for me is on the lower end of my business priorities.  Customer service and a fast turnaround time are first and foremost for me.
[Meaning I am super guilty of not posting consistently.]
However, I thoroughly enjoy the additional creative outlet of creating these small little inside look tidbits so I am thrilled to have finally taken the first step.

I’d love for you to check out and follow the MrsTollettDesigns account here (or the scan code in the photo below): MrsTollett Designs on TikTok

If you have any video requests let me know 📲.  
Don’t forget to follow MrsTollettDesigns on all the socials:
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Mrs Tollett Designs TikTok Scan Code


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