Removing Your Decal | How To

Removing Your Decal | How To

How To
Remove Your Decal

Removing a decal is simple.
Whether you are getting a new vehicle or just ready for a change -
your adhesive vinyl decal can be removed in a few quick steps.

Decals are removable, but not reusable.

(In the removal steps I use a scrapper blade intended for a flat top stove.
While I have never experienced any issues and/or damage using a blade or when removing a decal, please proceed with caution.
I offer an alternative option in the step if you are uncomfortable using a blade on your glass.)

**I am not responsible for any damage caused when removing your decal.**




To remove you decal you will need:
Glass Cleaner and a Paper Towel.  (Optional Scrapper Blade)
Spray the decal with window cleaner and allow it to soak in for a few moments.
OR, you can use a hair dryer to blow over the decal briefly and quickly.  
This will help break down the adhesive to make removal easier.
For this step you have a few options to peel up the decal.  
You can use your fingers or a flat object to pick off each letter individually.
OR, my preferred method, using a blade intended for my flat top stove and gently rub underneath the decal to lift the letters.
**Please only use the blade if you are comfortable doing so and have a clean, blemish free blade.  
I am not responsible for any damage caused when removing a decal.**
If you are left with any adhesive residue, reapply window cleaner and use the paper towel to remove any leftover adhesive.
That's it!
You are done!
(Again, I have never experienced any damage when removing a decal... But I do add this disclaimer because I cannot control the methods and/or tools used to remove each decal.  Please ensure you are using proper tools for glass.)
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