Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still need help please contact us.


Where do you ship to?

Orders are shipped from Kansas to anywhere within the United States that receives mail by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

How long does shipping take?

Orders (excluding apparel - see below) are processed and shipped from Kansas Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. All orders, unless noted otherwise in the listing, ship USPS First Class or USPS Ground Advantage. The time in which it takes for USPS to deliver your package can vary dependent upon location and the time of year. For a more accurate estimation of shipping times you can visit the USPS website.

Orders (excluding apparel) are processed within one to five (1-5) business days, excluding holidays. Processing times are the times in which it takes me to create your order prior to turning it over to USPS for shipping.
**While I aim to ship most orders within one to two business days, I do single handily create and ship each item. Therefore, during busier periods, processing times may be closer to the 5 business days estimated above.**

APPAREL ORDER shipping carriers may vary. A more accurate estimation of processing and shipping times can be found within the specific item listing.

Mrs Tollett Designs is not responsible for delays due to USPS or any shipping carrier.
Returns and/or refunds are not available due to shipping delays.

Every order includes delivery confirmation to the address provided at checkout. Please make sure to update your address with your preferred payment method before purchasing. Refunds and replacements are not available for purchases sent when an incorrect address is provided.

How do I track my order?

Every order placed on my website includes tracking. You can find the tracking for your order a few different ways:

  1. Locate the order by logging into your account and opening the "Orders" page.
  2. Locate your tracking number from the Shipping Confirmation Email in your provided email address.
  3. Use the "Chat" feature located on my website and follow the prompts to track your order.


Do you accepts returns or exchanges?

No. Mrs Tollett Designs does not accept returns and/or exchanges. However, please contact me if there was an issue with your order.

Can I exchange for a different item?

No. Mrs Tollett Designs does not accept exchanges and/or returns.


Where can I see reviews for your products and customer service?

If you're interested in reading reviews from other customers, my Etsy Store has over 2,600 reviews on my products and customer experiences. Feel free to check it out by clicking "Etsy Store" above!

Are your decals 'guaranteed'?

No, I do not offer a guarantee with my decals.  In effort to provide a quality decal intended to be long lasting - I do provide detailed instructions, all the needed application tools, and professional grade quality vinyl is used for each decal.  However, there are circumstances behind my control that can cause a decal to prematurely lift and for these reasons I do not offer any guarantees.  

Some of these causes may be: Direct contact with high pressured water, Car washes that use scrubbing brushes that make direct contact with your decal, Direct contact from an ice scrapper, Improper application that hasn’t allowed for the decal to properly adhere, etc.  

Why are the decal dimensions listed as approximates?

Every dimension is listed as “Approximately” to simplify the dimensions.

For example: A decal with the exact dimensions of 5.999 inches by 4.479 inches would be listed as Approximately 6”x4.5”.

Where do I apply my decal?

Vinyl decals are applied to the exterior / outside of the glass window/door or surface. Each decal does come with detailed application instructions and the tools needed to properly apply your decal.
Find application instructions here.

How do I decide which vinyl color is best for my decal?

Most importantly, consider where you will be applying your decal. Remembering that vinyl decals do not have backgrounds.

For vehicle decals that will be applied to your window, I do not recommend darker colors of vinyl as it is more likely to blend and be less visible with any sort of window tint.

When choosing vinyl for a "No Soliciting" decal keep in mind that my decals have no background. It's important to note the view behind the glass door or window. For example, a glass storm door with a black front door behind it would likely need a brighter decal to show well. Where a glass window with white curtains that stay mostly closed would benefit from darker vinyl.

I offer many color options to help fit the needs for each space. Color charts with examples of the vinyl colors I offer can be viewed in the listing photo of each decal.
Please Note: I have made every effort to ensure my photos are as accurate as possible in the color charts and my website photos. However, due to the inconsistencies of the various displays on devices, the colors may vary slightly.

Will vinyl only adhere to glass?

Vinyl can adhere to most clean, smooth surfaces. I do, however, recommend the majority of my decals for glass surfaces. While vinyl will adhere to other surfaces it can sometimes be a tedious task if the surface is not smooth or properly prepped for application. If you have any questions about applying to a specific surface please feel free to contact me.

Mrs Tollett Designs is not liable for any damages resulting from the application or removal of decals.

Are vinyl decals reusable?

No. These decals can be removed from glass but are not reusable.
Find removal instructions here.

What is included with each decal?

Each decal does comes packaged with detailed application instructions (including a QR Code to direct you to the application video instructions on my website) and the tools needed to properly apply your decal.